Exhibitor Kit

Welcome to the on-line Exhibitor Information Manual.  Please take a moment to revew it as it will assist you in preparation for a successful show.  Take note of show deadlines and discounts which can save you time and money!  Use the Exhibitor Checklist to track and meet your deadlines.

Suncoast will be sending out an email to individuals with a specific username and password. Items should be ordered online. If you have any questions please reach out to Suncoast at (813) 628-8301 or info@suncoastcs.com

Make sure to read the information provided to prevent delays in processing.  If you have any questions please contact the Tampa Boat Show team.Show 

Show Office - (954) 441-3220 

Exhibitor Badge 

You will receive your unique link to request your exhibitor badge. The deadline to order your badge to be mailed is Friday August 23, 2019.

The maximum number of badges is determined by the amount of square feet for which your company has contracted. If you have any questions please contact us at tampacredentials@nmma.org.

New For This Year

On Site Self Registration

Already Registered? If you have opted to have your badges held for on-site pick you can use the new Self Registration Station located outside Room 18.  Simply type in your first and last name and click search. You can print just your badge or anyone in your company that is also registered.  Please note – space balance must be paid in full and you are not able to reprint a badge. 

Reprint Fee

Did you lose your badge?  Leave it in your car or hotel room?  This year there is a $10 reprint fee for all misplaced exhibitor badges.

Admission Practice:

To enhance show security, anyone using an exhibitor or trade badge to access the show site will be required to present government-issued identification (ID) along with their badge. Checking IDs of persons entering the show with an exhibitor badge will ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the show outside of show hours and will protect our exhibitor’s products. We appreciate your cooperation with this new security protocol.

Be My Guest' Tickets — Invite Your VIPs to the Show

Pricing of BMG tickets has been modified.  You can still enjoy a 50% discount if you choose to send e-tickets to your customers.  If you select Hard Stock or Will Call tickets you will enjoy a 35% discount.  Pricing is below.
• Redeemed Electronic Be My Guest tickets will continue to be 50% ($6.00) off the general admission price.
• Redeemed Hard Stock and Will Call Be My Guest tickets will be 35% ($7.80) off the general admission price.
We have updated and are implementing a new WILL CALL system this year for hard stock tickets.  The new system will help both you and your customer have a better show experience.
You will have two options for hard stock tickets.
• Option 1 – Hard stock tickets mailed to you in advance.
o If you choose to have your hard stock tickets mailed to you, we will not be responsible for distribution.  We are no longer accepting tickets in envelopes.
• Option 2 - Will Call Tickets 
o Will Call tickets will NOT be mailed to you. The site will prompt you to type in the first and last name of your customer, email is optional.  If you include an email address your customer will receive an email stating, you have left tickets for them at WILL CALL and the quantity.
• The mobile site of each page of the Will Call system is optimized for use on your device (phone or tablet). When users navigate to the system from a phone, the pages will automatically adjust to the mobile friendly version.
• Guests will arrive at WILL CALL onsite at the event, provide their name, an ID and which company left them the tickets.  We will print the ticket(s) on demand to provide to your customer. 
These new processes will help by
• No more illegible handwritten envelopes of multiple sizes etc.
• Faster moving lines.
• You will be able to easily see who or who has not picked up tickets and on what day.
If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Hall at mhall@nmma.org or call her at (954) 441-3236.

What remains the same

1. Request e-tickets
2. Customize your e-ticket at an additional cost
a. Bold your Company Name - FREE
b. Include a company logo  
c. Add text to your e-ticket—25 words or less (i.e. Visit us in space A1)
d. Add your brand logo to the footer  
e. Attach a preferred e-ticket (Your company campaign/flyer, etc.)
3. Upload a spreadsheet of your customer base and email in a few easy steps
a. Email customers—whenever you want
i. You are now able to send multiple tickets to your customer at one time – Simply input the quantity you would like to send. They will receive one email with multiple PDF’s attached.
4. Order tickets for other NMMA Shows you are exhibiting in without logging out
5. Pay a $50.00 non-refundable deposit via credit card and order as many tickets as you like
a. A minimum of 10 tickets is required with the deposit.  
b. Orders of 9 tickets or less are paid in full at the time of checkout
6. Your credit card will be charged for the total redeemed tickets, less your deposit, within 30 days of the show’s closing date
7. New orders originating on site will be charged a $ 50 non-refundable deposit.  Tickets will be printed on      hard ticket stock
The ability to order and send e-tickets and will call tickets is open throughout the show.
If you have any questions, please contact us at tampatickets@nmma.org or (866) 668-0105. 

 We look forward to working with you to make the 2018 show a success!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your show space, move-in time, insurance, tickets, credentials, etc. please contact the appropriate person listed below.

Kevin Murphy, Show Manager


(Special Events, Features & Seminars)
Nick Ligammari, Director of Operations nligammari@nmma.org (Move-in time, move-out, etc.) 
Scott Cohen, Exhibitor Relationship Manager scohen@nmma.org (Main Hall Bulk & In-Water Slip Space).
John Hagins, Exhibitor Relationship Manager jhagins@nmma.org (Main Hall Booth, and Riverwalk Space)

Venus Berryman, Senior Show Administrator


(Space Payment, Directory Listing)

Melissa Hall, Registration Manager


(Exhibitor Badges & Tickets)




Progressive Insurance

Geico Discover Boating NMMA-Certification